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Reverb soaked noir psychedelia


Ancient River, the sonic brainchild of singer/songwriter James Barreto, is an ever-changing snapshot of rock n’ roll and psychedelia, flowing from the swampy roots of the American south to the far reaches of innerspace.


Veterans of the psych scene, Ancient River’s wall-of-sound barrage has been honed by extensive touring across the states and beyond--including appearances at Austin Psych Fest (2010-2012), Los Angeles’ Psycho De Mayo (2014), Desert Stars Festival Pre-Party(2014) and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (2012).


It all began in the dawn of the year 2000, as guitarist J. Barreto was making frequent trips to Gainesville, Florida to play with The Ohm, his instrumental psychedelic band which thrived on instant creation and a home grown DIY ethic. Over the next few years he began recording local bands, producing several albums while creating music for local independent films. It was out of this period of musical exploration that Ancient River was born. Barreto’s house soon grew into a fully-fledged home studio/rehearsal

space, where like-minded musicians could be found tirelessly sharpening their wide range of sounds, encapsulating everything from noisy shoegaze to psychedelia to classic Americana.


Locked away in the pursuit of his sonic vision it was a full two years before he took Ancient River to the stage, re-emerging as wit an unmistakable space-rock guitar

sound and creating a captivating live show accompanied by entrancing psychedelic visuals. With the addition of Alex Cordova in 2011, Ancient River encamped into J.’s home studio and after recording multiple albums filled with the sounds of timeless American fuzz rock and reverb-soaked garage-psych grooves, hit the road in 2014 for a heavy national tour.


Currently James living in London, soon the band will be based out Austin,Texas and are working on two new albums. A pioneering and prolific act at their creative peak and still on the rise, Ancient River look to take their vision and unique sound to new heights in 2016. Let it flow!


2015 • LP • Keeper Of The Dawn

2014 • LP • Before Dawn



2012 • LP On The Other Side

2012 LP Let It Live



2011 EP Polariod

2011 LP Songs From North America



2010 LP O.D.D.S.

2010 EP Under the Sun


Skull Dude Mens & Womens
Charcoal Tees








Melting Skull Mens & Womens
Charcoal Tees








Melting Skull Mens & Womens
White Tees








Keeper Of The Dawn

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Before Dawn

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1. This Is The Time




1. Sun & Moon




2. River Song




3. Behind Your Eyes




4. Before Dawn




5. Spirals



6. Dawn Is Breaking




7. Down And Out




2. Keeper Of The Dawn




3. New Rising




4. Mother Of Light




5. The Next One




6. Stay With Me




7. Journey Into The Light Of Darkness




8. Desolation Song




9. Hallways And Mirrors




10. End Of The Dawn