KUDOS AND KINDNESS ANTHONY ERICKSON LEV MANAGER, EYE IN THE SKY FOUNDER / AUSTIN TX "Nakia's work is undoubtedly top-notch. She is great at listening to what clients need and communicating throughout the whole process from initial quote, to project delivery, to final payment. It was SO refreshing to work with a designer that provides numerous options at the first draft stage, meets her deadlines and maintains a premium level of work; ALL with a smile and great spirit of collaboration. I can't recommend her enough." KUDOS AND KINDNESS TOMMY DIETRICK DESERT STARS FESTIVAL FOUNDER / JOSHUA TREE / CA
 "I highly recommend working with the Summer Moon. Nakia delivers stunning and highly imaginative work while equally being able to manage demanding deadlines. She fosters great care and sophistication in her approach and brought a whole new level of depth and clarity to our campaign. I will certainly be coming back."
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, INTERNATIONAL FORMATS AND PRODUCTION / LONDON / UK "Nakia was contracted to work within the creative services team at Sony Pictures Television initially for a week, however her design and art direction talents were so great that she ended up working with us for four years, becoming an integral part of the marketing team. Over those four years Nakia oversaw all the designs for a whole range of diverse marketing materials spanning many TV titles, from directing photoshoots to creating key art posters, to devising impactful pitch presentations and social media campaigns. Nakia is highly creative, she has a great visual eye and an excellent understanding of typography. She has first class communications skills and leadership abilities and in an often high-pressured environment, she can always be relied upon to deliver and always to a high standard. She is also a very nice person to work with. I would highly recommend her." KUDOS AND KINDNESS LINDSEY PEARL SONY PICTURES TELEVISION LICENSING AND INTERACTIVE / LONDON / UK "I love working with Nakia. Not only is she a wonderful talent, but she is also a lovely person full of energy and passion for what she does, and you can really see that in her work. I've worked with Nakia for 2 years, developing style guides and product concepts to assist me in selling consumer product licenses to manufacturers. Nakia doesn't only take direction very well, she is also a driving creative voice. When I struggle with the tone of a brand or a general creative vision, Nakia has the answer - and she delivers it on time. I am delighted to recommend Nakia and I do so with utmost confidence that she will continue to delight her future partners."